Video: Big Block ‘Vette From Sweden Burns Rubber

The Swedes aren’t known for making sports cars. When is the last time you looked at a Volvo or Saab and were wowed by its performance prowess? Despite this though, Sweden is a big market for muscle cars, especially classics like the Mustang, Charger, or Corvette. And the Swedes don’t mess around when it comes to American muscle.

This video found by Jalopnik shows a big-block C3 Corvette just obliterating the rubber on its tires in a sub-30-second display of brute power. Like we said, the Swedes don’t mess around.

Not a whole lot of info on the driver or Corvette are available. The engine is supposedly a 502 big-block with about 526 horsepower and an ungodly amount of torque. That’s why this old ‘Vette is able to power through its burnout, literally shooting smoke out the back of the car. And the sound of that big-block Chevy is borderline orgasmic. Yes, it’s that good.

For a cold, snow-covered country, Sweden makes the most of its warm months, that is for sure. We expect to see plenty of other car-related videos to be coming out of Scandinavia in the coming summer months. Those Swedes can’t get enough of American muscle cars, and who can blame them?

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