If there is any country that loves muscle cars as much as America, it is Australia. The Aussies love them some rear-drive, V8-powered hoonigan machines, with one of the most popular being the Ford Falcon XY (not to be confused with our own Ford Falcon). Rally racing is especially popular for Aussie car enthusiasts, though many have been transitioning to all-wheel drive tuner cars

falcon-rallyMost, but certainly not all, and we got a huge kick out of this next video, which features a Falcon XY GT sedan running amok on the rally circuit. This is rally racing, Australian style…and we dig it.

This rally Falcon reportedly belongs to Australian Dave Thompson, and the car is actually an original rally car, dusted off, tuned up, and unleashed on the unsuspecting rally course. It does not appear to have much in the way of modern modifications, though it handles the dirt and dust of the course just fine without all-wheel drive. This classic Falcon is a throwback to the days when muscle cars ruled the Australian outback.

These days most competitors require all-wheel drive just to keep their cars on the track, but it takes a lot more skill to wrestle an old Falcon into compliance with the rally course. It is also, in our humble opinion, infinitely cooler to see a classic race car collecting dust on the rally course, rather than in some car collector’s garage.