hpe01If there is one car that stuck as close to the core of what being a muscle car is, it’s the Dodge Challenger. It looks like its namesake, it sounds (arguably) even better, and it goes like stink. With an available 480 horsepower 6.4 liter HEMI engine, it packs plenty of power, though compared to some of the supercharged competition, it could use a literal boost of power.

While Chrysler is reportedly working on a 600 horsepower supercharged “Hellcat” HEMI engine for next year, some of us don’t want to wait that long. So we turn to Hennessey Performance Engineering and their HPE650 Challenger, which is the stars in this video whilst doing some tuning on the dyno and testing at the drag strip.

hpe650-challenger-2Oh how sweet the sound of a supercharged 6.4 liter HEMI V8 is, though there is more to this package than the TVS2300 supercharger. Hennessey also ports and polishes the factory cylinder heads, adds stainless steel full-length headers, and an entire fuel system upgrade that includes high-flow fuel injectors. All told this kit is supposed to be good for a solid 650 horsepower.

While this video is light on details and even forgoes any dyno numbers or track times, it is also devoid of any sound except the sweet cacophony of a big-block V8 muscle car. Hennessey also lines up their supercharged Challenger against a stock SRT8, and the results are quite predictable. Crank up the volume on this one gentlemen, it’s well worth the potential hearing loss.