If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to bore out an intake for a larger throttle body, it might seem rather simple: just drill it out. Sounds simple, but there’s a bit more to it than that, such as having the right tools and equipment. For anyone who has ever wondered what it takes to come up with some of the many aftermarket engine parts that we spend our hard-earned money on, this next video might be of some interest to you.

This video from the guys at Gallant Tech Performance shows what it takes to do something as seemingly simple as cutting and boring out a HEMI 6.1 intake manifold to accept a 90mm throttle body. This is a time-consuming process…but it is kind of cool to watch if you’re into this sort of thing. And we are.

If we’re not mistaken, the stock HEMI 6.1 V8 engine comes with a 81mm throttle body and a matching opening on the intake. Unlike adding a bigger carburetor, this is something that must be done to an intake manifold, otherwise you won’t get the full benefit of that extra 9 mm. So in order to do this properly, you either need a new intake, or a wider opening that matches the larger throttle body.

Enter GTP, which shows what it takes to mill a stock HEMI 6.1 intake to accept a 90mm, First the face needs to be flattened, and then GTP has to find the exact center of the intake. Only then can they mill away the excess material, giving the intake a new throttle body opening of 90mm. So much effort for such a seemingly small job, but we love watching this sort of work get done. It has a sort of monotonous beauty to it.