Video: Interview with the Designer of the Next-Gen Viper

In a lot of ways, being a car designer is sort of a dream job. Who hasn’t sat down with a pad and a pencil and sketched out at least a few (very) rough designs of their dream car? It might be something new, something old, or something completely original…but most of us never go beyond that pad and pencil. But a determined few make it their destiny to design and create cars, and for those guys who work for the Big Three, that means a chance to work on some modern American muscle.

Mark Trostle is one such designer. Red Letter Dodge has this video interview with Trostle, who as it turns out is the Chief Designer for Mopar, SRT, and the Motorsports division of Chrysler. Which means he gets to design and build some very, very cool cars…including the next generation Viper.

While many of us can remember playing with Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars, young Mark was already getting an education in car design from his father, also a car designer. So like many of us, Mark grew up around cars, and after graduating from college he had offers from multiple automakers, but was drawn to Chrysler in large part because of the Viper.

We can only imagine Mark’s excitement when he knew he would be working on the next generation Dodge Viper. And we are glad to hear that Mark gets his design influence from being around cars, the car culture, and most importantly auto racing. Sounds like the Viper is in good hands. Too bad he didn’t drop any hints about what to expect. The next Viper can’t get here soon enough.

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