Video: Interview with the Five-Year-Old Writer of Fast Five

Ever wonder what it takes to become a Hollywood writer? It isn’t easy, trust us. Just figuring out how to write a script can take weeks, if not months to get down right. Then you’ve got to come up with characters, locations, a coherent plot, and believable dialogue. And once you think you’ve got it all figure out, the producers come and make their own changes. But somehow the writers of the The Fast and the Furious have managed to keep each movie feeling fresh and new.

The child-prodigy-writer left us with some very generous tips on how to make a Hollywood blockbuster. He knew that he wanted, “the cars to drive fast, and then some of them explode.” Sounds like a good recipe already, and Morgan goes on to walk us through a clip “the car went out of the train, and then there’s a hole in the train.” We won’t reveal too many more spoilers, although Morgan claims that the movie stays true to his original script (written in crayon of course.) It apparently took an entire day to write the script, though Morgan has another six-hundred sequels planned.

So what is it like working with stars like Vin Diesel? “He has big muscles!” says Morgan. Another star who returns to the series is Jordanna Brewster. Morgan says of her “She’s a girl and she likes to kiss and she doesn’t play with the car but sometimes but mostly just the boys.”

Today Now! Interviews The 5-Year-Old Screenwriter Of “Fast Five”

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