Video: Sarah Leann and the Twin-Turbo Vette Back on the Track

If there is one thing we love about the Corvette, it is the car’s ability to put a smile on the face of the fairer sex. Sometimes it is the style, sometimes it is the sense of prestige that comes with Corvette ownership. Sometimes though, it is the raw, untamed horsepower of a highly-tuned V8 engine roaring and snarling and generally making anybody who loves fast cars weak in the knees. 

So it is with great pride that we present to you HighTechCorvette’s latest entry to the popular “hot girls riding in fast cars” series of fine documentary films. This next video is actually a sequel, featuring fan favorite Sarah Leann riding shotgun in a twin-turbo Corvette that is among the fastest streetcars in Texas.

Last time Sarah and the Corvette came together, bad weather cut filming short. But this time good weather prevailed, setting the scene and giving the Corvette a chance to really stretch its legs. Able to consistently knock down 8-second quarter-mile times, this twin-turbo beast will push anybody back in their seat… including the lovely Sarah Leann.

Once again wearing a form-fitting Late Model Racecraft shirt, Sarah is repping the team behind this boss Corvette. And like all the girls in these videos, she seems equal parts nervous and excited for a chance to feel the power of this 8-second ‘Vette screaming down back roads. We’ll never get tired of these videos…

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