Video: Son Recovers Father’s Long Lost Mustang Mach 1

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding experiences any human being can have, though it is not without cost. Countless fathers (and more than a few mothers) have had to part ways with cars and trucks they once held dear in order to provide for their new-found bundles of joy. Many a muscle car has been sold in this way, and rare are the stories where the original owner finds their long lost love.

This video is a great feel good story. 24 years ago, Rick Lookebill sold his beloved 1972 Ford Mustang Mach 1 in order to help raise his family. To pay his father back, Rick’s son tracked down, located, and then secretly bought that very same Mustang, giving it to his father who has sacrificed so much for his family.

Lookebill sold the car 24 years ago, and in that time the green Mustang made its way from Indiana to Florida, where his son tracked it down. After some initial conversations, Lookebill was made aware that his old car had been located, but apparently had no idea that his son planned to buy it back for him. Hence the look of complete shock on his face when he sees his old Mustang in his front yard.

The elder Lookebill  nearly runs outside as the Mustang revs its throaty V8 engine. He seems almost unable to contain himself, and who can blame him? While he probably secretly hoped to find the car again one day, he had most likely given up on ever actually getting it back. If this isn’t the feel-good muscle car story of the year, we don’t know what else is.

Sure, it looks like it needs some work, but this Mustang is all there and ready for a loving restoration. Truly a heartwarming video, and the burnout at the end is the piece de resistance.


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