Before America went crazy for crossovers or got sucked into the SUV obsession, the USA loved its station wagons. With long roofs and lots of interior room, you could fit nine passengers, a few sheets of plywood, or just about anything else in the back of these grocery getters. Station wagons really came into their own in the 1950’s and 60’s, and America came to love its station wagons, right up to the end.

Station wagons are few and far between at new car dealerships, though they will never be forgotten. Hemmings Auto Blog reports that student documentary looks at America’s love of old station wagons, especially those from the pinnacle of American car culture.

Part fond memory, part longing for the past, this documentary is the work of two Wake Forest University film students. Sam Smartt and Chris Zaluski put together this 40-minute film, titled “Wagonmasters”, and will show it off at month’s Concours d’Elegance America. We can already tell from the preview, which features a Pontiac GTO wagon (obviously a custom job since GM never built such a vehicle) front and center, that we are in for a treat.

The station wagon really was an American innovation, one that started out for commercial purposes before becoming wildly popular with consumers. Wagonmasters looks at the history of the station wagon through a nostalgic lens, and you can catch it for free at the Concour d’Elegance America July 29th, in Plymouth, Michigan.