Video: Travis Pastrana Races World’s Only Dart Rally Car

The Dodge Dart is a very important car for Chrysler, and for more than one reason. First off, the Dart replaces the just-awful Caliber, a car that will not be missed by anybody. The Dart is also named after one of Chrysler’s best-known compact cars, and Mopar fans are expecting the new Dart to have at least some performance aspirations, same as its forebearer.

So far, Chrysler hasn’t disappointed, signing up famed rally driver Travis Pastrana to rock the world’s only Dart rally car. This video shows Pastrana getting some wheel time and hooning the hell out of his all-wheel drive Dart.

The video basically introduces Pastrana and the world’s only Dart by noting that, if they mess this car up, they’re in deep doo-doo. There are no replacement parts, no spare cars to take out; this is the one and only Dart rally car. You’d think that’d make Pastrana take it easy, but no, not at all.

The video actually is part documentary, part hoonage, as we get to know Pastrana before he eventually slips into the Dart halfway through the video. And then begins some 600 horsepower hoonage. We’re happy to see that Dodge isn’t letting the Dart name go to waste on some sissy front-driver. No, this Dart is ready to rally, and we hope to see Pastrana pull off some big upsets on the circuit. That should help boost Dart sales for sure.

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