Video: Watch The 2013 Cobra Jet Get Built

The 2013 Cobra Jet isn’t your ordinary Mustang. Built from the factory for high-octane, no-holds-barred racing, the latest iteration of Ford’s famous drag package for the Mustang is capable of some serious record-breaking times. But it takes a lot more work than you might realize to turn these factory Ford’s into drag racing champions.

This 3-minute video from Ford Racing TV gives us a behind-the-curtains look at 2013 Cobra Jet production at the AutoAlliance Factory in Flat Rock, Michigan.

Despite a soundtrack and video quality straight out of the 1980’s, this video is well worth watching as Ford engineers put together perhaps the fastest factory car in the world. With an integrated rol lcage, stripped interior, and limited number of color options, the 2013 Cobra Jet gets special treatment at the Flat Rock factory.

With a choice between naturally aspirated and supercharged 5.0 liter V8 engines, the 2013 Cobra Jet Mustang is a purpose-built drag machine. And if you’ve ever wondered how they are built, this video shows the whole process from initial assembly to final engine check. Building cars never seemed cooler.

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