Easily the most famous chase scene of all time, the Mustang-versus-Charger cinematic chase from the Steve McQueen flick “Bullitt” has inspired generations of car guys and film makers. This chase has been recreated for many reasons, but nothing can ever hold a candle to the unfettered action of the original.

However, the new Fox television show “Alcatraz” took a shot at recreating this chase scene for modern times…and they didn’t do a half-bad job if you ask us. You can check out the whole chase scene on the Alcatraz website, so head over there to check it out.

Premiering on the season finale last night, the scene is as much a marketing move by Ford for the 2013 Mustang as it is an epic game of cat-and-mouse on the hilly streets of San Francisco. This time though the roles are reversed, with the Mustang chasing the Charger (we’d also like to note how the Charger is an older model…it never stood a chance).

Throughout the 2-minute chase there are obvious homages to the original scene, including the green Volkswagen Beetle (which makes two appearances, just like in the original) and the Mustang overshooting a corner or two. The ending of the chase is different…and a little lame, but it still finishes with a huge explosion.

All in all, we give it a 7 out of 10. The whole hitting-a-car-but-not-damaging-it kind of irked us, and the bad guy wasn’t at all menacing (at least in this scene), but it was still an entertaining two minutes of car-chasing action. And there isn’t anything wrong with that.