Video: Open-World Mad Max Game Promises Apocalyptic Action

mad-max-1Over 30 years ago, a small Australian film starring a little-known actor took the world by storm, giving us our first glimpse at a post-apocalyptic world torn apart by roving gangs who would kill over a gallon of gasoline. That movie was Mad Max, and the actor was Mel Gibson. Since then Mad Max has inspired countless knockoffs and numerous tribute vehicles, and there is even a fourth Mad Max movie currently filming.

Not enough end-of-the-world entertainment for you? Well you’re in luck, as it was recently revealed that a Mad Max open-world video game is also in the works, and there looks to be plenty of automotive-related carnage to be had.

mad-max-2The game is called simply Mad Max, and will allow players to step into the shoes of Mad Max for the first time. Details are few and far between, though world exploration, shooting, melee combat, and of course post-apocalyptic automobiles all look to play a major part of the action. In fact, the main quest seems to be the retrieval of Max’s stolen Falcon Interceptor, which many people have built tributes to.

Vehicular combat should be a cornerstone of the game, which is set to debut sometime in 2014 for next-generation Sony and Xbox consoles, as well as the PC. Unfortunately, besides this single trailer, we have precious little info on this Mad Max game right now. But it should hit shelves around the same time the movie hits theaters, which should be plenty of end-of-the-world action for even the craziest preppers.


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